Rocky and Bullwinkle

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Rocky and Bullwinkle

Postby palmspringsbum » Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:25 pm

Unless I am deposed I'm a moderator on the local newspaper's online forum and have been for almost a year now. A recent attack on me prompted me to think of Boris and Natasha and to divert myself I looked up Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons thinking to find something appropriate to post in the forum. What I found was that watching them now at over 50 years of age they are as fresh and entertaining as when I watched them Saturday morning as a child. Except now I see that the plot is that Bullwinkle backed a cake (with a Mooseberry bush) which blow the stove to the moon and so Rocky, Bullwinkle and the aliens go looking for another Mooseberry Bush to bake fudge to make rocket fuel...

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