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Postby palmspringsbum » Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:53 pm

I cannot believe you.

To tight-assed for words

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Original Post:
[QUOTE=Donkey Slut;748266]Tipping in my perspective is giving a little treat to someone who has made your experience superb. This is not just for co ops. Any experience. And in my opinion, a "tip" does not have to mean money. I have tipped money, a condom, cigar, a gift card, and have bought lunch for people that have gone that extra step to make my experience awesome. :whoo:

Thank you so much for explaining what a tip was, I had no idea. :caked:

Us 53-year-olds need to know these things. :nono:

Maybe you should apply for a job at a dispensary so you can explain it to everyone that comes in the door, before they make a purchase. :whoo:

By the way, I don't think a rubber is an appropriate "tip". Sounds more like an insult to me.

Where do you go that you would leave a rubber as a tip? The Coconut Grove?

Wow, I just realized I can go to the local health services and get all the rubbers and bottles of bleach I want for free. So I will do that today and the next time I make a "compassion donation" I will leave a "compassion donation enchancement" of rubbers and bleach. I know the "compassion tender" will be thrilled!

I notice you didn't mention 'points'. Does that mean you don't consider that an appropriate tip or did you just forget to mention it?[/quote]

All the best,
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