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DNA tests

Dwight Hogg has an excellent Hogg DNA Project site. He has identified some dozen or more different Hogg/Hoge/Hogue lines. He has tests from two descendants of William Hoge & Barbara Hume, both descended from their son William. He needs tests from descendants of the other sons, particularly James.

Interestingly, Dwight has found Carrs/Cerrs particularly, but also Hamiltons, McLeans, and McIntyres that show from 90% to 100% match.

Here is a link for his test results. The descendants of William Hoge & Barbara Hume is "Hogg R1b cluster no. 1", the fourth table down. The representatives of this Hoge family from whom he has test results are "NJ1682a" and "NJ1682b".
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The Ancestry of Barbara Hume

Last Updated September 1, 2013

Various sources say:

"Hume was one of two brothers, men of wealth and standing, who differed on the great questions of the day. One of the brothers `conformed,' the other, James, was true to the Kirk and the Covenant. He was imprisoned and most of his property confiscated, but through the influence of his brother was released on condition of his emigrating to America.

During the long voyage a pestilence broke out in the overcrowded ship and Mr. and Mrs. Hume were among the victims. "

"...her father was a Knight and a Baron, and nearly related to the Royal House of Stuart of Scotland, so this takes you back to King Robert the Second of Scotland, born about 1300."

"William Hoge left Musselboro in about 1682. He sailed to New York on the "Caledonia". This ship also carried the family of Sir James Hume, from Paisley Scotland. His ancestorial home was Wedderburn Castle, Berwickshire. His father was a Baron and knight that traced his lineage back to the first Stuart King, Robert Bruce (1274-1329). The family was also related to the parents of David Hume (1711-1776), the Scottish philosopher. Sir James was true to his religion, and suffered persecution and imprisonment by the Stuarts. He was released with the understanding he would immigrate. Pestilence broke out on the overcrowded ship and James and his wife died at sea, leaving a 12-year-old daughter, Barbara."

William Hoge and Barbara Hume are listed in every volume of The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy. Volume I states she was the grand-niece of David Hume, eminent English historian and philosopher. The David Hume we know as a great philosopher was born in 1711, some time after Barbara immigrated at the age of twelve in 1682. It would be much easier for her to be the grand-niece of his ancestor David Hume of Godscroft (1560-1630) who married Barbara Johnstone.

Wikipedia describes this David Hume of Godscroft thusly: "A major intellectual figure in Jacobean Scotland, his work, De Unione Insulae Britannicae was published in London in 1605. It is a study in how to effect the closer political union of Scotland and England. With surprising foresight, he suggests a super-national parliament with regional assemblies." He was also the author of The History of The House of Douglas and is frequently cited in the Scots Peerage and other genealogies. He was also the first Home to use the spelling Hume.

I have concluded Barbara's father Sir James Hume was the grandson of Godscroft's younger brother James Hume, Parson of Hilton, but have yet to find any supporting documentation.

When Barbara found herself orphaned at 12 she was adopted by an uncle Johnstone already residing in New York or Perth Amboy. While I have always believed the key to Barbara's ancestry would be found in these Johnstones, I was a bit surprised to find, in 2013 (some 8 years after I first began looking and found nothing), that Barbara's uncle John Johnstone was mayor of New York City 1714-1718 and his parents were Reverend William Johnstone of Laverock Law & Isobel Maitland. I've been unable to trace the Johnstone's any further.

Some genealogies make Isobel the daughter of John Maitland, 1º Duke of Lauderdale & Anna Home but the Fasti Ecclesiæ Scoticanæ makes a good case that her father was a preacher, though it does say he must have been a cadet of the Duke's family. But it doesn't say how.

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Samuel Mountford Wilson and Joseph Pendleton Hoge of San Francisco

Solved!See: Changes 2012

On page 565 of The History of the Bench and Bar of California (Los Angeles, California: Commercial Printing House, 1901) begins a bio of Joseph P. Hoge. This book may be viewed in full on Google Books.

On page 566, immediately following, is the bio of Samuel Mountford Wilson. It states:

This eminent lawyer was born in Steubenville, Ohio, in 1824. When he was four years old his father died. He attended Grove Academy a few years, but never received a college diploma, being compelled to mantain himself from the time he had the physical strength to do so. He read law in the office of General Samuel Stokeley, a member of congress from Ohio, pursuing Latin and other studies at the same time. After his admission he practiced at the bar in Steubenville a short while, when Colonel J. P. Hoge, who had a good law partice in Galena, Illinois, and who was then in congress, invited him to Galena and offered him a partnership, which he accepted. This was in 1845. Colonel Hoge was thirteen years older than Mr. Wilson. They had known each other in Ohio, where Colonel Hoge was also born, and where the Colonel's sister and Mr Wilson's brother intermarried....

I have been able to find 3 sisters for J. P. Hoge: Eliza, Jane, and Mary. They all have husbands and none of them are named Wilson.

J. P. Hoge and family came to San Francisco with San Wilson and family from Galena Ohio in 1853. They must have come by wagon from Saint Louis. They were law partners in Ohio and they set up practice in San Francisco. They were founders of the San Francisco Bar, of Hastings School of Law, and were prominent in San Francisco and the state of California.

Sam Wilson's wife was Josephine Scott. The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, viewable on Google Books, states:

Wilson, Samuel Mountford, lawer, was born in Steubenville, Jefferson co., O., Aug. 12, 1823, son of Peter and Frances P. (Stokeley) Wilson. Both his grandfathers, George Wilson and Colonel Thomas Stokeley, fought in the revolutionary war. Mr. Wilson lost his father when four years of age...

It goes on to mention: brother Lieutenant George Wilson, a graduate of West Point; uncle General Samuel Stokeley, an erudite scholar and at the time a member of congress from Ohio; wife Emily Josephine Scott; father-in-law John Scott, one of the most imminent lawyers of Missouri; brother and law partner David S. Wilson.

Colonel Hoge's mother was Jane Scott, and her father Thomas Scott.

The History of the Bench and Bar in California states further:

The old Galena firm held together in San Francisco, having offices in Montgomery block and conducting a large business, until in 1864.

Upon the separation of Messrs. Hoge and Wilson the later formed a partnership with his brother, David S.Wilson, which continued about one year and a half, when David S. removed to Iowa, where he was afterwards elected a Circuit Judge...

The 1880 Census for Dubuque, Iowa has a David S. Wilson, lawyer, 56, from Ohio; father from Pennsylvania, mother from Delaware. His wife is Henrietta, 50, from Pennsylvania; father from Pennsylvania, mother from Ohio. They have two sons: Henry, 24, lawyer; and John H., 19, physician. They live on Locust Street.

Among the 1,500 or so Hoge/Hogues in my data there is exactly one Henrietta. She was Colonel Hoge's 3rd cousin once removed; common ancestors William Hoge and Barbara Hume. The only source for this Henrietta is Lucina Hoge's family tree of the Descendants of Solomon Hoge and the only information I have are her name and the names of her parents and one sister.

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The ancestry of W. H. L. Barnes of San Francisco

"General" W. H. L. Barnes and family lived next door to "Colonel" J. P. Hoge and family at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. General Barnes' son married the Colonel Hoge's granddaughter. In 1902 James Meek Hoge and his daughter J. Nan visted relatives in Utah, California, and Washington according to the caption of a photo from a library in Virginia. William Jefferson Hoge, son of James Meek Hoge, married Margaret Moss, granddaughter of Clinton J. Barnes. So, I suspect General Barnes who moved with his family next to J. P. Hoge in the Palace Hotel in San Francisco is related to Mallie Barns, the mother of the wife of the son of James Meek who went to visit relatives in San Francisco in 1902. I just want to know HOW.
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Descendants of John Alred b. Abt. 1741

In going through Pioneers of Old Frederick County by O'Dell yesterday I see it states that Isaac Julian, who married Barbara White, granddaughter of William Hoge, that this Isaac had a daughter Margaret who married John Alred. (I haven't updated my online database yet to include this John Alred, but should be doing so in the upcoming weeks.) So besides the fact that John Alred's descendants are cousins via William Hoge and Barbara Hume, it is possible John is also a great-grandfather. My 3rd ggrandfather was John James Allred and I believe his father to be a John Allred born sometime around 1770-80. Evidently this John died before 1860 because I have been able to find his wife Mary on the census in 1860, 1870, and 1880. The Hoges moved first to Guilford, then Randolph County North Carolina, and then to South Carolina. There were a lot of Alreds in North Carolina, particularly Randolph County. However, none on the census in South Carolina for all that time. However, Mary, the wife of my 4th ggrandfather John is listed as being from South Carolina in every record I have been able to find of her that provides a location.
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Ancestors of John James Allred (1824-1900)

John died, probably between 1900-1910. The Allred Roster tree "ED" shows his father as John b. between 1770 and 1780 and died before 1860. It shows all of (father) John's children as born of Mary, who was born 1 Jan 1793 in South Carolina and died after 1880, probably in Floyd County, Georgia. In addition to the ancestors, I would like another source for the children of John & Mary.
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Ancestors of Martha Coneway (Conway?)

John Allred b. Abt. 1770-80 d. bef 1860 had another wife according to The Allred Roster's "ED" tree, Martha Coneway. Could she be a Conway? Perhaps descended from Francis Conway? Also, did John and Martha have any children?
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Ancestors of Thomas F. Gunter, Junior (1809- )

I received an email some months ago directing me to Ida Evelyn Strickland's entry (010903030201010401) on the Allred Roster, thinking there were obvious connections there.

Well, there aren't. The Allreds that line goes back to aren't related to my Allreds, at least not that I can see. Nor is there a direct connection to anyone else in my data.

However, this line intermarried with Gurleys, Kennedys, and Gunters and I feel certain they are connected to my family somehow.

The grandfather of Flossie Wise married "Eliza Jane Gunter b 7 DEC 1860 d 4 AUG 1905 dau of David Gunter and Sarah Lathram".

Well there are two David Gunters who married two Sara Lathams. The first David Gunter was born 1786 in South Carolina and died in 1869 in Indiana. He married about 1808 in North Carolina Sara Latham born 1786 in North Carolina. He is my 3rd cousin 6 times removed.

The second David G. Gunter was born 14 Oct 1830 in Blount County, Alabama and married on 21 Aug 1853 in Blount County, Alabama Sarah Latham born 15 Feb 1833 and died 8 Mar 1914 in Alabama.

I'm certain this second David is connected to my Gunters somehow but I haven't been able to trace his line beyond his father Thomas F. Gunter, Junior.
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Ancestors of William Vardamond Griffith (1803-1854)

William is my 4th ggrandfather and has been a dead end for a long time.
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Allreds in Indian Territory

There is no Nathan Alred/Alread/Allread in the 1900 census. There are two Nathan Allreds, one is in Arkansas, born in Tennesse, 90 years old. The other is in Indian Territory, b. in Alabama, 37 years old. Based on this, I've added the family of Nathan Allred to my family tree. There is a Thomas Allred 4 farms up the road from Nathan, and my Nathan had a brother Thomas. But this Thomas Allred is married to the wrong woman and is 10 years too young to be Nathan's brother. The bottom 3 lines of the page are blotted but the head of the household is from Alabama and the surname is Morris as his children are listed on the next page beginning with Fredie L. Morris, son, 13 b. Texas. I figure Thomas must be a relative of Nathan's, if not his brother, but because of conflicting information haven't added Thomas and his family to my data. Was this Thomas Allred living down the road from Nathan the brother of Nathan, both sons of Ceburn/Cebern/Seborn Allred?
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 Mystery Photos

Frances Tyler

This picture was taken after (during) the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906. When researching the family of J.P. Hoge it was the first image to pop up in one of my searches. Is this the grand-daughter of J.P. Hoge?
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